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We have strived from the start to create a successful, positive, proactive, respectful and fun environment within Parker White Consulting.


Parker White Consulting reward success. This underpins our business. It provides the motivation to achieve better results as well as the method for expanding the business.


We celebrate our victories and our strengths but we also appreciate the lessons we learn from our failures and weaknesses.


We concentrate on remaining proactive by focusing on the things we can influence and reducing the time we spend worrying about the things we cannot.


We always treat our colleagues, clients and applicants with respect and consideration.


We create an open, energetic and very interactive place to work. We actively encourage (and finance) a very sociable environment.

Should you wish to understand our approach better, one way would be to read the book S.U.M.O. (Shut Up, Move On) by Paul McGee.


Paul's approach is simple and effective. He does not over-complicate a problem nor does he underestimate the effect it can have. He concentrates on the one thing we all have control over, our self. His method clears the debris from a situation and concentrates on the basic actions that can effect change.

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