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Our working environment and sense of identity through our culture is important to us. From the outset we have strived to create an environment that challenges, stimulates and rewards every employee.


Firstly, we looked at the area in which we wished to be based and whether it fitted our culture. Our offices are located close to good shops, bars and restaurants in an atmospheric part of town, providing an interesting and appealing place to work. As we continue to grow and expand, the same principals will apply. You will never find a Parker White office in the sterile environment of an out of town business park.


Secondly, we considered technology systems and how they could help support, develop and propel our business. We have invested heavily in an IT infrastructure. Our consultants work with a sophisticated and specialist recruitment system which allows them to perform to their maximum. Additionally, our dedicated back office team mean that administration of your business is kept to a minimum, allowing you to concentrate fully on sales and making yourself money. Our technology means that we are all able to work from any desk in any office whilst retaining all of our personal settings and information. This flexibility means that you will find yourself sitting next to different people with different experiences and strengths which is often the catalyst in developing your own abilities. It also means that everyone has the best equipment to use, such as, 17" TFT (flat screen) monitors, wireless keyboard and mouse and wireless telephony.

Work space

As well as gaining the business benefits from technology it has also helped to create a good working environment. You will find suspended LCD television screens showing news, music and major sporting events.

We also have some very low tech solutions that assist in making Parker White Consulting a good place to work. We are paperless, so there is no mountain of filing cabinets and no piles of files stacked on desks. This simply creates a clean and smart office to work in. We operate a "locker system" which allows you to keep your "stuff" somewhere other than on your desk. We keep all of our targets and performances visible, either by marking on a white board, on your PC or on the TVs. These things help to create a transparent, positive, atmospheric and fun place to work, however the real secret of creating a vibe is in the people we surround ourselves with.

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