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Training and development

When you have a business that relies entirely on the growth of new talent as Parker White Consulting does, then it is essential for the well being of the business to provide the best training and development programs for all its staff.

We provide business, personal and management based training that will take you from Trainee to Senior Consultant, then on to Manager and ultimately Business Leader. Our training program is comprehensive and supportive so that we achieve our business goals and the development of our home grown talent. In short, we need you to develop just as much as you want to. Our objectives are aligned.

We believe that in order for a job to be rewarding you must feel pride in working to the best of your ability and performing a professional service. Being able to perform in this way requires excellent training. In formulating our training and development plan we wanted to achieve these key things:

  • Firstly, to develop a program that provides the best recruitment training in the industry.
  • Secondly, to ensure that having a complete training structure does not hinder your opportunities to develop and earn money at the fastest possible rate.
  • Finally, to provide an ongoing structure for continuous improvement through mentoring, coaching and business management training.

At Parker White we believe a varied approach to training will provide our staff with the most rounded and comprehensive program. We provide internal and external based training through both classroom and coaching scenarios. We believe this makes the training enjoyable, varied and effective which will assist us in providing "best in class" training amongst our competitors.

In your first four weeks with us, following your initial induction you will attend a comprehensive three day group introduction to recruitment. Monthly one to one 'open' appraisals and further on the job training will follow within the first three months. You will work alongside both recent recruits and highly experienced staff who will provide help and guidance along the way.

This however, is only the start of your training with Parker White. As your skill levels improve so the training will be there to stretch and develop your abilities. It will deal with everyday tasks and routine duties to specific issues, projects or areas for improvement through to personal development plans. This is continued throughout your career with us.

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