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Careers - What we look for.

What we look for

Parker White recruits on the basis of attributes rather than skills, on attitude rather than experience and on actions rather than words.

Because of this, you will find our interview techniques will focus on you as a person. We will look to explore why you have made the choices you have, how you have succeeded, why you have failed, what you have learned from your experiences (not your experience) and why and how you will fit with our culture.

We are looking for high calibre graduates for an unparalleled opportunity in the recruitment market place. We need people that want to work in a dynamic environment that demands dedication in pursuit of excellence. You should be able to identify the majority of the words below as attributes you possess:

ENTREPRENEURIAL competitive PASSIONATE motivated TRUSTWORTHY hard working SUCCESSFUL focused FUNNY positive SMART lateral thinking AMBITIOUS resilient TALKATIVE communicative THOUGHTFUL honest SHARP open BRIGHT

We would also like you to understand that in our eyes:

Being AMBITIOUS means being prepared to make sacrifices and to do more than the rest in order to achieve more. It does not mean wanting the nice things in life.

Being HARD-WORKING means to consistently put in the extra effort in order to achieve more than others. It does not mean to only put in extra hours when necessary.

Being PASSIONATE means putting all of your energy into something in order to achieve more. It does not mean doing something you love.

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