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What we offer

Parker White Consulting recognises that identifying and fulfilling your career potential can be very difficult, yet is immensely important. No matter how talented you are, you will need the right environment around you in order to achieve your full potential.

  • We provide business, personal and management based training that takes people from trainees though to every stage of our business. It is a comprehensive, supportive journey that helps individuals to develop to their full potential.
    • Internal and external training opportunities are delivered through classroom and coaching based activities. These ensure that the experience is as enjoyable, varied and effective as it can be for employees. As well as providing the business with the best trained employees giving Parker White an edge in the market.
    • Within the first month, following an initial introductory induction, a comprehensive three day seminar will kick start the training programme. This will be followed up by monthly one to one appraisals, where you will be encouraged to provide feedback as much as you will be directed.
    • Ongoing on the job training will be tailored to meet your specific individual competencies and needs.
    • Within six months there will be a further follow up training day designed to consolidate and build on the skills you have already gained.
    • As your skills improve and you progress through Parker White, personalised and group training will be provided to stretch and develop your abilities. These will deal with everything from everyday management tasks and routine duties to specific issues and projects.
    • Ongoing personal development plans will then become your manager’s responsibility to help us identify the best ongoing training opportunities that ensure your continued progression through the company.
    • Outside formal training sessions by working alongside both highly experienced staff and recent recruits you will be given all the guidance and support you need.
  • Parker White Consulting offers its employees an exciting working environment and stimulating sense of identity.
    • Our offices are city centre located, close to shops, bars, restaurants and amenities that make them an interesting and appealing place to work.
    • Suspended LCD TVs showing news, music and major sporting events in office.
    • Technology and infrastructure are important and Parker White invests heavily to ensure consultants have access to sophisticated, specialist systems that help them to excel. Everyone has the best equipment to use: smartphones, 17" flat screen monitors, wireless keyboards, mouse and telephony.
    • Extensive back office support ensures that administration is efficient and managed by a specialist team allowing consultants to focus on recruitment.
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