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Why choose parker white?

At Parker White Consulting our commitment starts with our belief in how to build a successful business. A cornerstone of that belief is in organic growth (exclusively recruiting trainees). The immediate thought for most is that we do this in order to mould our people into the Parker White way and so that poor working practices are eliminated. This is not correct.

Parker White's approach is different and it works for one simple reason, every employee knows that if they are working hard and creating business opportunities, they will be given the option to grow a team around them. Put another way, we will not employ a manager from elsewhere to become your new boss.

What do we get from this approach?

organic growth x fast growth = the best opportunities

Choosing your new career move is massively important. No matter how good you are, you also need to be in the right environment to achieve your full potential. Reading or listening to a company's plans or ideas is important and can be alluring, however you MUST make sure they are backed-up by their previous achievements. History is the best indicator of the future. Whilst plans and ideas will be honest and well thought out, you must assess the likelihood of them becoming a reality by looking at what has been achieved so far.

Why should you believe us?

Parker White is part of a group of companies that started trading in 2004. Since that time they:

  • have grown from a start up to a £15 million turnover business.
  • were the 4th fastest growing company in the UK (source: Sunday Times 07/12/2008).
  • remained profitable during the six quarter recession of 2008/2009 and again during the second dip of 2011/2012
  • have people that joined as trainees that are now in management positions
  • have our own business performance academy to provide training, support and development for all; covering all aspects of technical and personal development
  • have invested in the latest technology. We have internal developers providing bespoke solutions
  • have an unrivalled catalogue of client testimonials as evidence of success
  • recently and for the first time diversified away from our core recruitment business with the opening of our new estate agency

The above statements are facts not opinions.

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